I’m a 23-year-old independent creative from Cape Town, South Africa. I specialise in graphic design, art direction, illustration and branding, and have recently started my passion project, Juice. 


I began my career within a small, independent fashion magazine called A Fashion Friend, where my love for the industry,  and for graphic design, grew. I continued my studies in the UK, completing a Fashion Certificate at the Vogue Condé Nast College in London, opening my mind to the physical, practical and logistical aspects of the fashion world, in turn allowing insights into how brands communicate their attributes and identities. 


In need of more creative freedom and experimentation to develop my personal work style after some time spent pursuing a career in the e-commerce and digital design spaces, I started freelancing and created Juice. A two sided creative business of graphic design and artistic clothing pieces. I’m constantly experimenting with graphic styles, mediums and techniques, and a strong believer in eye-catching, unique and crafted work. Whether I’m collaging or hand-painting illustrations, I love expressing  my self creatively and allowing myself to flow freely through any creative process.