Copy Writing: Stef Martin

Design & Concept: Lucy-Rose

eat the f**cking banana

The brief was an opportunity to get someone over their phobia. I had to research the phobia and then provide an innovative solution to getting someone over this phobia through a piece of visual communication.

Banana phobia came across as the most unusual and interesting phobia to solve. The smell, texture, taste and idea terrifies some people. I created a packaging design filled with items that confront every element of the banana. I asked people to test their senses and challenge themselves to get over their fear. The package is bright and inviting and is filled with banana lip ice, bath bombs, socks, CDs (every song has the word banana in it) and recipe cards, therefore everything the person absolutely despises. Being subtle is the key to getting over a phobia as no one likes to be forced. I chose the title to deliberately highlight the way phobias tend to be treated. Therefore each item is part of the challenge and will be integrated into the person’s day-to-day life. Slowly but surely the person doing the challenge will become accustomed to having the banana smell, image and texture around them. EAT THE F**CKING BANANA runs an online support platform, to motivate people through the challenge and for the people to feel like their not alone with their weird and wonderful phobia.