five o' clock

Five o’ clock is a small business that was born from the idea to use creative expression to reduce anxiety. Emily, the owner started embroidering and slowly grew the business into a bespoke collection. She employs  the Westlake community center to hand embroider each item. 


Emily wanted her visual branding to capture the early evening golden sunlight. As this golden hour is significant to her healing process with anxiety. Embroidery was that ray of light within this time. She collected a series of photos of a ‘five o’ clock sky’ and I created a hazy grain effect to use as the base. I illustrated a simplistic sunset which then was applied in gold foil to give it that dreamy, golden effect.


I art directed, styled and photographed her first brand shoot. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 6.24.21 PM.png

Final logo mark

Content creation: Art directed, styled & photographed the first brand shoot

Photo 2018-05-26, 19 26 13.jpg
Photo 2018-05-26, 19 12 59_edited.jpg

Label design: