Juice is a creative brand I’ve started so that people can own a piece of clothing with my art on it. The business uplifts small CMT businesses in Cape Town to produce 100% local, high-quality and unique clothing pieces. I’d like the brand to  connect with a niche, creative consumer group and inspire them to express their individuality and to connect with like-minded people. 

The brand lives as a niche segment within the creative fashion apparel industry.


The styling for Juice’s shoots is natural, real and pure. I wanted the softness and personality of each woman to shine through the photos. 

Art directed, styled the shoot myself | Photography: Luke Houba | Models: Afrah Mayet and Jessica Lawson


I created my store on Shopify.com


Featured in Glamour Magazine 

Art directed, styled the shoot myself | Photography: Emily Valentine | Models: Wendy Fleurot & Savanna Goldring