Copy Writing: Gabi Van Nie Kerk

Design & Concept: Lucy-Rose


We were briefed to rebrand a company within a one kilometre radius from our college in Woodstock, Cape Town. We chose a dingy express shop that is located down the road from our school. As there are no other options for good food with fast service in the area, we believe that the shop has great potential in terms of location and character to be rebranded into an eatery. Therefore we created Saucy. 

The Concept:
Saucy is a gourmet hot dog bar that embodies cheekiness and individualism. Based in Woodstock, Saucy confronts social topics and appeals to youth values by playing around with local and pop culture. The brand aims to be approachable and fun, while commenting on youth culture and remaining current.


The Tote Bag:
Regular Saucy customers will receive a Saucy loyalty card. Each time they order a hot dog at Saucy, it will be stamped, and once 12 stamps have been collected they’ll receive a customised canvas tote bag.



The Look:
Saucy’s style is expressive, bold and animated. Each illustration has a black outline which embodies the restaurant’s boldness. Individuals appreciate authenticity, and Saucy’s style is just that. There are no frills and embellishments to distract the customer from the simplicity of the food – hot dogs are hot dogs, and Saucy’s style shows this with honesty and fun.


The Menu:
Saucy operates on a “Saucy meter”. Ranking all their meals on how “saucy” or daring they are.
When ordering at Saucy a menu will be cut and the customer will need to fill it out and return to the waiter/ waitress. 
The Naked Kim K
Naked like Kim K in 2007.
You were vegan before it became a trend.
The Kanye Western
You will get the beef you deserve. 
The Boet
Don’t spill any chakalaka on your jean pant. 
The Drunk Dog
Because you’re not the one driving home.
The Dirty Mexican
Let’s taco ‘bout it, baby.
The Zuma
Don’t expect to get your money back for this dog. 
The Breakfast at Tiffany’s
She never really ate breakfast anyway.
The Scumdog Millionaire
You’re the sass to my samoosa. 
The Cheesy One
Born to Brie Wild.

The Post Cards: 
When dining at Saucy, customers will receive a postcard design of the hotdog they’ve ordered. These can be sent to friends through the “saucy mailbox” or kept as a reminder of their delicious meal at Saucy. No matter what a customer chooses to do with their postcard, this is a touchpoint that will help spread the word about this revitalised neighbourhood gem.