the bodies we choose

This project tackles the false realities of Instagram, encouraging a movement to love our bodies for what they are. Choose your body ~ not the one you see on your screen.

I posted a series of stories asking people to Direct Message me if they battle with self-confidence issues due to the unrealistic, often-manipulated content that we’re fed on Instagram. I then sent them a brief to take an effortless selfie of the part of their body they do not particularly like: a characteristic that perhaps causes them some level of anxiety or that they hate because they compare it to what they see on Instagram.

I then illustrated these in a manner showcasing their uniqueness. The ultimate aim is to make their perceived “flaw” a piece of art and fill Instagram with this kind of content – sharing individuals’ insecurities anonymously to help them and others celebrate perceived flaws and develop a better relationship with our bodies.
Creating a platform for discussion, highlighting the fact that we’re all normal people, with our own insecurities that have only been manifested by being constantly bombarded with abnormal perfection flooding our feeds. The aim is to ultimately create a movement by which people make a conscious decision to choose their body, their imperfections and love them for what they are – perfectly normal and perfectly beautiful.


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My project was featured on Glamour South Africa’s ‘Fashion Radar’ page.

Posts illustrated & then post on Instagram:


Each person that was involved was allowed

to sumbit a written piece

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