Copy Writing: Gabi Van Nie Kerk

Design & Concept: Lucy-Rose

10 steps to the ultimate shabang death

Brief: Stare death in the face and find out everything there is to know about it. Create a publication that ‘visits death’ – a work that will inform and stimulate the intellect whilst pleasing the typographic designer’s eye.

In order for individuals to come to terms with their inevitable death perhaps they should decide for themselves what it should be. In truth, no one gets to decide how they’ll die, and it’s having no control over our fate which is most daunting. The 10 Steps to Planning Your Ultimate Shabang Death guidebooks are an opportunity to entirely imagine your perfect dying scenario and confront death. 

Each zine guides the reader towards their perfect dying scenario and covers a variety of subjects related to death. From allowing an opportunity for the reader to write their will to helping them decide what they’ll take with to heaven, the guidebooks cover it all. Until the individual is ready to confront death, the guidebooks are vacuum-packed to preserve the activities inside before the package is opened. 

 Some of the pages from the book: